Sub-specialty Certificate in Critical Care of the College of Anaesthetists of South Africa: Cert Critical Care(SA) Anaes

Part I

  • 18 months in a numbered subspecialty trainee post.
  • Portfolio to be submitted with application for candidates who start their subspecialty training on or after 1 January 2013.

Certificate in Critical Care of the College of Anaesthetists of South Africa - R 21800

Exit Examination: 1 written paper, a paper OSCE and an oral.

Candidates who achieve the required marks in the written component of the Cert Critical Care(SA) Anaes examination but who fail the Oral examination will be exempt from the written component of the next examination session.  Such exemption applies to one sitting only and must be exercised in the following semester.

The HPCSA has approved the change in name for all sub-specialty qualifications awarded by the CMSA from the current format of Certificates in the Subspecialty to the new format of a Fellowship in the Sub-Specialty in the relevant discipline.

We are currently in the process of updating all sub-specialty regulations to the new format but this will take some time to complete and your patience in this regard is appreciated. While this process is being completed both the old name and the new name regulations will be on our website.

Only once the change has been promulgated in the Government Gazette will you be able to have your qualification updated to the new format.

You will have to supply the CMSA with your original certificate.  We will then issue you with the new format certificate and a new Form 19 for the HPCSA.

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PLEASE NOTE that candidates that wish to lodge an appeal against the outcome of his/her written examination results must do so in accordance with the provisions of the CMSA’s Appeals Mechanism Policy. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) are not made available to candidates for review in accordance with the CMSA’s Appeals Mechanism Policy.