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K M Browse Research Scholarship

Mrs K M Browse, who died in 1983, bequeathed the residue of her estate in South Africa to the CMSA for Neurological Research and with the assistance of Dr Percy Terespolsky who secured the bequest for the CMSA, Senate established this Scholarship.

Under exceptional circumstances the Scholarship may be renewed in part, or in full, depending upon the success of the research accomplished and upon the funds available. The award will preferably be made to one person only, but may be split if two projects of equal, excellent merit are submitted for consideration. Successful candidates will be required to submit annual progress and/or final reports on the research done, supported by copies of any papers resulting from the Scholarship.

Must be accompanied by an outline of the proposed research work.

Must identify the Department in which the research will be carried out.

Must be accompanied by a letter from the Head of the Department indicating that the project can be undertaken and will be supported in his/her Department.

Must be submitted to:

Evelyn Chetty
The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa(CMSA)
5 Claribel Road, Windermere, Durban

Telephone: +27 31 261 8213 or +27 31 261 8518
Fax: +27 31 261 3784
Email Addresses:

  • The interest on the capital sum is used as a Research Scholarship (currently valued between R35 000 and R40 000) to candidates who wish to undertake research in Neurology or Neuro-Sciences.
  • The frequency of the award depends upon the prevailing interest rates. A portion of the interest accrued is invested annually to protect against inflation.
  • The Scholarship is offered primarily as a full-time Research Scholarship at registrar, senior registrar or junior consultant level.
  • It is the understanding that the candidate will not occupy any other post while holding the K M Browse Scholarship and that the research will be undertaken in a Neurology Department in South Africa.
  • As the financial support will be at the Scholarship level stipulated above (which may not be appropriate for the candidate's experience), further financial support may be provided from other sources on the understanding that the K M Browse Scholarship is the major source of income and is acknowledged as such.
  • If suitable candidates do not apply on any occasion, the Scholarship may be awarded (in whole or in part) to a clinical neurologist who is employed as a registrar or junior consultant and who has a research project of sufficient merit to warrant the full Scholarship. In this instance, the award will be for research expenses and not for the candidate's salary, and full details of the funding required for the project must be provided, together with details of financial support from other sources.
  • In the event of a single project not being of sufficient merit for the whole award, the Scholarship may be subdivided. One section will go towards increasing the fund for the following year and the other section will go to the best clinical project. At the discretion of the Award Sub-committee, the Scholarship may not be awarded and the full amount added to the sum available for the following year.
  • Basic science projects are better supported by the MRC and HSRC than clinical projects and these projects will only be considered if no suitable clinical project is available. (The original intention of the K M Browse Research Scholarship was for a clinical neurology award).
  • The closing date for applications is 30 June the preceding year and the appointment is made by the Executive Committee of the CMSA in September or October of that year. Senate ratification of the appointment is sought at the October meeting.
  • It is the expectation of the Senate of the CMSA that the K M Browse Research Scholar will either remain in South Africa for the period equivalent to the length of the Scholarship (i.e. usually one year, but the length of the period will increase on a pro rata basis if the Scholarship is extended), OR if the incumbent is unable to comply with this, that he/she will pay back part of the Scholarship as determined by Senate.