Criteria for CMSA endorsement of CPD Activities

1. The CPD activity and its content will have to meet the approval of the relevant College council and considered to be of a standard that will enhance the image of that College.

2. The organizer of the CPD activity should ideally be a member of the CMSA in good  standing.

3. The constituent College must take full responsibility for the completion of the CPD accreditation application. Any CMSA membership discount to be noted under “Registration Fee involved for participants” on the CPD 2A Form.

4. The CPD activities should primarily be run under the banner of the constituent College of the CMSA. Due restraint should be exercised by the respective college ensuring that engagement in partnerships with organizations and entities in CPD activities remain appropriate and in keeping with the standing of the CMSA

5. The constituent Colleges of the CMSA should not associate themselves with CPD activities of commercial entities related to product launches or product specific CPD activities.

6. Sponsorships of these CPD activities are permissible provided that the principles as set out below are closely adhered to:
  1. The names of the sponsors should not be included in the title of the CPD activity.
  2. The sponsor may be acknowledged as a sponsor on the advert/notification and on the programme for the CPD activity but no advertising of the commercial entities products should appear on either of these documents.
  3. The mailing of adverts/notifications of the CPD activities may however be accompanied by product literature separated from and not incorporated in the notification/advert of the CPD activity.
  4. No product promotion is allowed within the CPD meeting room but company-branded items and promotional material may be displayed in a separate area that should not be accessible to the general public if the products are not allowed to be advertised to the public.
  5. In addition to the above, the sponsored activities should strictly adhere to the code pertaining to marketing and promotions to healthcare professionals as set out by the Marketing Code Authority.

7. The determination of the Risk and Profit split remains within the discretion of each individual college in consultation with the organisers of the activity. The overall principle that Risk Share follows Profit Share must apply

8. However the main thrust of running CPD activities under the auspices of the CMSA and its constituent Colleges remains most importantly the provision of benefits for ongoing membership of the CMSA, the enhancement of the overall image of constituent College and the CMSA and not the generation of additional income. A benefit in the form of a meaningful discount for the CPD activity registration fee for CMSA members in good standing should take preference over profit sharing and remain the chief consideration. 
This was a very important motivation for extending free CPD accreditation originally

9. On completion of the activity the organisers of the CPD activity must provide the College with a final assessment by the participants with the minimum of the following points to be covered:
  1. Content
  2. Presentation
  3. Organisation / Administration
  4. Venue
  5. Overall value