Continued Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a mandatory requirement for all qualified medical practitioners, dentists and health care professionals registered with the professional boards of the Health Council of SA (HPCSA). CPD points are earned by attending accredited educational training, meetings, workshops, symposiums, congresses, etc. All HPCSA registered professionals are required to earn a minimum number of CPD points each year in order to remain registered. Random audits of CPD points are undertaken by the HPCSA.

The HPCSA CPD Committee is responsible for determining guidelines and regulations for Continued Professional Development and on application appoints CPD accreditors according to set criteria. Accreditors in turn are responsible for accrediting all CPD activities to ensure that these activities are in keeping with the prescribed guidelines. The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa is an official CPD accreditor and is represented on the National Accreditors Forum. The latter body with the approval of
the HPCSA CPD committee determines the accreditation fees annually. Free accreditation is offered by the CMSA to members in good standing for individual
CPD activities and for activities run under the auspices of constituent colleges. 

Contact details for all CPD enquiries and applications for accreditation of activities:
Contact person Ms Evelyn Chetty
Telephone number +27 31 261 8213
+27 31 261 8518
E-mail address