Education / Subspecialities

Certificate by Peer Review: Scoring


Guidelines for the peer review subcommitteeAllocated ScoreMaximum
1. A detailed record of service to the discipline and CMSA  /40
1.1 as a member or office bearer of a discipline specific organisation and/or 10
1.2 as the present or past President, Secretary or executive member of his/her discipline specific organisation and /or 10
1.3 as an examiner for the CMSA and/or 10
1.4 as a regular contributor to discipline specific or CMSA CPD activities and/or 1.5 as an Associate of the CMSA. 10
2 Standing in the profession, as demonstrated by the following:  /40
2.1 Awards received after specialisation, on assessment of merit such as Honorary Fellowship, Awarded Fellowship, Medals, civil decorations, etc. for services related to his/her profession. Honorary Foreign Membership of National Overseas Professional bodies. 10
2.2 Service to a national or international professional body or association representing his/her discipline
as an elected office bearer, eg:2.2.1 President /President
elect/Chair/Chair elect
2.2.2 Vice-President /VicePresident elect/Vice-Chair/ViceChair elect
2.2.3 Treasurer/Secretary/Councillor
2.2.4 Board/Committee/subcommittee Chair
2.2.5 Founding member
2.3 Recognition by peers as an expert in a particular field. 10
2.4 Exceptional contribution to the South
African health system
3. Academic achievement in the following: /20
3.1 Honorary doctorate or Doctorate or equivalent qualification in his/her discipline. 5
3.2 At least 10 or more papers/publications published in national or international scientific or professional high impact journals /reports/publications as first or senior author. 5
3.3 At least 10 or more discipline specific presentations or papers presented at national/international conferences or meetings. 5
3.4 Academic contribution to a university/ academic department in the discipline concerned. In the case of
private practitioners, contribution/membership of a university department/contribution to health promotion in the discipline concerned.

*Minimum score obtained should be 60/100 and at least 50% for each section

Proposed to Senate in May 2019
May 2019