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Fellowship by Peer Review: Scoring

The matrix presented below intends to establish whether a nominee is worthy of being awarded a fellowship. The expectation is that the nominee is distinguished in her/his field rather than just being a solid, reliable and respected individual. There is also an expectation of the nominee having served the CMSA and/or her/his own constituent College.


  1. Nominees awill be expected to achieve 50% overall to be awarded the honorary fellowship.
  2. There are three main categories:
    (i) service to the CMSA,
    (ii) standing in the profession and
    (iii) academic achievement.
  3. There are various criteria under each category. Each category and criterion are weighed differently.
  4. There are three levels for each criterion:
    (i) expected (50%),
    (ii) above expectations (80%) and
    (iii) exceptional (100%).
    The main purpose of the additional levels is to compensate for any deficiencies in any criterion, i.e. the expected level not being achieved for one criterion can be compensated by an above expectations or exceptional performance in another.
  5. There are no sub-minima required for any category.
  6. Only full points will be awarded for each level, i.e. there will no fractions of the available points awarded
WeightExpected (50%) Above expectations (80%)Exceptional (100%) Score
1. Service to the CMSA40 
1.1 Convener/examiner/moderator for the CMSA20Examiner (3-5 exams)Examiner (6-8 exams), or Convener (1 exam), and/or Moderator (1-3 exams)Examiner (≥ 9 exams) Convener (≥2 exams) Moderator ((≥ 4 exams)
1.2 Council activity10Co-opted councillorCouncil committee chair CMSA Committee memberCouncil or CMSA executive member
1.3 Involvement in CMSA or Council educational activities5Regular attendance/participation in educational workshops, CPD activities, special lectures, CMSA AGM, etc.Facilitator/speaker at educational workshops or CPD activities, special lectures, CMSA meeting or conference.Organiser of CPD activities, special lectures, CMSA meeting or conference.
1.4 Contributor to CMSA or Council developmental activities5Assistance with local or national CMSA oral examination preparation. Involvement in local CMSA exam preparation courses.Contributor to development of MCQ bank(s), OSCE scenarios, work based assessments, EPAs.Lead person for development of MCQ bank(s), OSCE scenarios, work based assessments, EPAs
2. Standing in the profession40
2.1 Service to a national professional body, association, committee or working group5Committee or workgroup memberExecutive member (e.g. treasurer/ secretary) or committee/working group chair.President, vice-president
2.2 Service to an international professional body, association, organisation, committee or working group5Ordinary committee or workgroup memberExecutive member (e.g. treasurer/ secretary) or Committee or working group chair.President /President elect/Chair/Chair elect Vice-President /VicePresident elect/ViceChair/Vice-Chair elect
2.3 Awards or recognition received after specialisation5Membership of other discipline specific international College(s). Fellowship of local or international organisation.Honorary Fellowship, Awarded Fellowship, Honorary membership of international professional college/body.National or international civil decorations or medals for exceptional services related to profession
2.4 Recognition by peers as an expert in a particular field. (Requires supporting motivation [using a template] provided by three independent high status peers)20Local recognitionNational recognitionInternational recognition
2.5 Exceptional contribution to the South African health system5Service at local level in area of expertise (e.g. committee or governance structure, guideline development, quality improvement project[s])Service to several provincial committees. Ministerial or national committee service. Provincial, district or societal recognition (e.g. annual award).Multiple ministerial or national committee membership. National or societal recognition (e.g. lifetime achievement award)
3. Academic achievement 20
3.1 Doctorate or supervision of research3PhD (own) or supervision of Masters students (5-10)Honorary doctorate or supervision of PhD (1-3) or Masters students (11-15)Supervision of PhD (>3) or Masters (>15)
3.2 Publications in discipline in DHE approved (peer reviewed) journal, book chapters, or other academic contributions.810-20 papers/chapters, or H-index rating of 10-1521-39 papers/ chapters, or H-index rating of 15-20, or NRF rating (C, Y)≥40 papers /chapters, or H-index rating >20, or NRF rating (A, B)
3.3 Oral presentations in discipline at a national/ international conference or scientific meeting.310-19 national presentations, or 3-5 international presentations≥20 national presentations, or 6-10 international presentations≥11 international presentations
3.4 Academic contribution to a university/ academic department in the discipline concerned.6Innovation in undergraduate or postgraduate teaching Supervision of research Committee membership Service activities Fund-raisingLeadership in teaching, research, or serviceDistinguished contribution

Approved May 2021