Timetables for Oral and Clinical Examinations

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2024 FS – Performance Examination Timetable184 KB
2024 FS – Performance Examination Timetable.v6184 KB
2024 FS – Written Timetable181 KB
2024 SS – Performance Examination Timetable187 KB
2024 SS – Written Timetable187 KB
Candidates – FC Plast Surg(SA) Final – FS2024 Oral Timetable143 KB
Cert Allerg(SA) Paed – FS2024 Oral Timetable198 KB
Cert Cardiology(SA) Paed – FS2024 Oral Timetable95 KB
Cert Critical Care(SA) Anaes, Phys, Surg – FS2024 Oral Timetable228 KB
Cert Critical Care(SA) Paed – FS2024 Oral Timetable179 KB
Cert Dev Paed(SA) – FS2024 Oral Timetable136 KB
Cert Gastroenterology(SA) Surg – FS2024 – Oral Timetable – Colorectal151 KB
Cert Gastroenterology(SA) Surg – FS2024 – Oral Timetable – HPB255 KB
Cert Gynaecological Oncology(SA) – FS2024 Oral Timetable88 KB
Cert ID(SA) Paed – FS2024 Oral Timetable135 KB
Cert Medical Oncology(SA) Paed – FS2024 Oral Timetable134 KB
Cert Pulmonology(SA) Paed – FS2024 Oral Timetable155 KB
Cert Urogynaecology(SA) O&G – FS2024 Oral Timetable77 KB
Cert Vascular Surgery(SA) – FS2024 Oral Timetable142 KB
College of Nuclear Physicians – FCNP(SA) Final162 KB
College of Public Health Medicine – FCPHM(SA)178 KB
Dip Ophth(SA) – FS2024 Oral Timetable141 KB
Dip For Med (SA) Path – FS2024 – Autopsy & Oral Timetable (Candidates)164 KB
Dip For Med(SA) Clin – FS2024 – Oral Timetable (Candidate)146 KB
FC Cardio(SA) Final – FS2024 Oral Timetable – Candidates139 KB
FC Derm(SA) Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable140 KB
FC For Path(SA) Part II – FS2024 – FS2024 Oral Timetable146 KB
FC Neurol(SA) Part II – FS2024 – Oral Timetable151 KB
FC Neurosurg(SA) Final – FS2024 Oral Timetable – Candidates199 KB
FC Neurosurg(SA) Intermediate – FS2024 Oral Timetable150 KB
FC Orth(SA) Final – FS2024 – Oral Timetable220 KB
FC Paed Surg(SA) Final – FS2024 Oral Timetable141 KB
FC Path(SA) Anat Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable91 KB
FC Path(SA) Anat Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable363 KB
FC Path(SA) Anat Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable – Candidates91 KB
FC Path(SA) Haem Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable164 KB
FC Path(SA) Micro Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable82 KB
FC Psych(SA) Part II – FS2024 – Oral Timetable – Candidates260 KB
FC Rad Diag(SA) Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable92 KB
FC Urol(SA) Final – FS2024 Clinical Examination82 KB
FC Urol(SA) Final – FS2024 Oral Timetable222 KB
FCA(SA) Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable1 MB
FCD(SA) Orthod Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable123 KB
FCEM(SA) Part II – FS2024 Oral Timetable206 KB
FCFP(SA) – FS2024 Oral Timetable141 KB
FCMFOS(SA) Final – FS2024 Oral Timetable178 KB
FCMFOS(SA) Intermediate – FS2024 Oral Timetable136 KB
FCOG(SA) Final – FS2024 Oral Timetable371 KB
FCORL(SA) Final – FS2024 Oral Timetable153 KB
FCS(SA) Intermediate – FS2024 Oral Timetable300 KB
Windhoek Venue106 KB