The College of Dentistry: CD (CMSA)

Prof Leanne Sykes, newly elected President of the College of Dentistry envisions a dynamic future for dental education and practice within the College of Dentistry, as they have a new panel of council members representing various dental specialities who promise to form a strong and productive team.

The key initiatives during her term are centred on transforming the College of Dentistry into a powerhouse of excellence. Exams must reflect the elements and expertise expected from a ‘new specialist’, but must also be equitable with international standards, and encompass cutting edge technology. While primarily an examining body, the college should only produce top-tier specialists but also fosters collaboration with international colleagues for research and educational purposes.

Prof Leanne Mary Sykes
Dr Mia-Michaela Beetge
Prof AMP Harris


Guidelines for Presidents and Secretaries of Constituent Colleges


AYO-YUSUF, Olalekan Abdulwahab
JEFTHA, Anthea
KHAMISSA, Razia Abdool Gafaar
MANENZHE, Shumani Charlotte
SNYMAN, Christoffel Marthinus
WOOD, Neil Hamilton

Prof Leanne Mary Sykes


Professor Leanne Sykes is a prosthodontist and the current Head of the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry at the University of Pretoria and has vast experience as an HOD and as an examiner for many MDents at all 4 dental schools in SA.Prof Sykes has been an active member of the CMSA since the early 1990’s and served the College of Dentistry in various capacities, from associate to senator, secretary and past president.Given that The College of Dentistry is a small college, the first aim is to encourage specialists to join and to aim for inclusivity and diversity amongst associates. She also hopes to share her years of experience in CMSA, as well as her knowledge gained in her years at dental school to help teach and guide new examiners. The CD must strive for exams that are relevant, fair, comprehensive, address issues related to the needs of the country, but at the same time must meet international standards.As the president, Prof Sykes sees the College of Dentistry playing a pivotal role in addressing current issues and trends in the field. In addition, if they are able to expand membership, they will be able to harness diverse skills and areas of expertise. She envisions leaving a lasting impact on the College of Dentistry. She is appealing to all new specialists to join the CMSA, and to GET INVOLVED, and seize every opportunity to learn from others. “You will be amazed at how much the ‘older’ professionals like to impart their knowledge and experience if you just take the time to ask and are open and humble enough to listen,” she says.Prof Sykes is also Editor of the CMSA Transactions Journal and encourages colleagues to submit interesting articles, or topics of importance and relevance for possible inclusion. This includes reports on visiting experts, keynote addresses, innovative ideas and any noteworthy achievements of fellow CMSA colleaguesAs the president of the College of dentistry, she hopes to put the ideas that she has envisaged over the years into action