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Finance and General Purposes Committee

This Standing Committee comprises members of Senate resident in the Western Cape region, and a number of additional co-opted members. The Committee deals with ordinary matters of routine business as directed by Senate and takes charge of the finances.

Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the standing committees are by the approval and authority of the Senate and all matters of a new or fundamentally different nature are therefore referred to Senate for consideration. The fundamental duties and responsibilities of the Finance and General Purposes Committee are:

  1. Overseeing the general administration and finances of the CMSA and its constituent Colleges.
  2. Observing and complying with the conditions of the Companies Act, NonProfit Organisations Act, the Memorandum of Incorporation and Rules of the CMSA and the South African Revenue Service.
  3. Doing costings, budgets, financial statements and reports for Senate, subject to annual auditing.
  4. Preparing the annual report of Senate.
  5. Calling meetings of the Senate, Board of Directors and Sub-committees of Senate and the Annual General Meeting. Preparing and sending out the agendas, writing the minutes and doing the follow-up work.
  6. Overseeing the accommodation arrangements, transport and travelling of Senators and examiners, subsistence payments and reimbursement of examination expenses.
  7. Handling all issues pertaining to the salaried staff, viz appointments, resignations and retirements, payment of salaries and bonuses, annual leave, medical aid and pension fund, negotiations with the Unions, disciplinary actions and general revision of the staff manual.
  8. Revising the Memorandum of Incorporation and Rules and observing Companies Act requirements in this regard.
  9. Conducting the elections for Senate and constituent College Councils and Officers.
  10. Supervising the publication of Transactions under the direction of the Editor.
  11. Maintaining the membership and accounts database, including the entry of new members, their address and category changes, their change of status, dominant Colleges for election purposes and observing whether they have a
    record of good standing with HPCSA
  12. Developing and maintaining the CMSA web page

The CMSA finance and administration team – cape town

Executive Director: Finance and Administration
Mr Jerome Davies

Senior Financial Officer
Carina Cloete

Governance Manager
Gladys Ntabanyane

Edgar Thomas

Sharlane Hendrics

Luvo Qambela


Administration and Membership Manager
Sindisiwe Mbanjwa

Membership Administrator

Membership Administrator
Naomi Adams

Administrative Assistant

Associate Administrative Assistant
Julius Ngamlana

Associate Administrative Assistant
Alroy Jordan

Mondi Mbanjwa

General Assistant
Beulah Mgijima

Database Administrator and IT
Sinazo Simayile

IT Support Engineer
Abongile Xego