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Examinations and Credentials Committee
The Examinations and Credentials Committee comprises members of Senate resident in the Gauteng region, and a number of additional co-opted members. The Committee examines the credentials of candidates and deals with other academic matters, viz. reciprocal arrangements, recognition of hospitals, panels of examiners, regulations and other matters as directed by Senate.

Duties & responsibilities

The responsibilities of the standing committees are by the approval and authority of the Senate and all matters of a new or fundamentally different nature are therefore referred to Senate for consideration. The fundamental duties and responsibilities of the Examinations and Credentials Committee are:

  1. Organising, timetabling, overseeing and accumulating, analysing and tabulating the results of all the examinations offered by the CMSA.
  2. Recommending to the Senate the award of Fellowships, Diplomata, and Certificates to successful examinees.
  3. Advertising examinations, making available to applicants all such regulations, guidelines, syllabi and other appropriate information as may be required by them.
  4. Maintaining all regulations, guidelines, syllabi and other appropriate information relating to all examinations offered by the constituent Colleges. This includes the updating, revising and correcting of documents in accordance with the instructions or suggestions of the constituent Colleges.
  5. Reviewing and verifying the credentials and the training of candidates.
  6. Re-evaluating training hospitals/institutions (other than Provincial or State academic and teaching hospitals) which have been approved for the training of candidates for examinations of the CMSA, to ensure that they have the
    necessary infrastructure for the proper and sufficient training of prospective candidates. Extending or withdrawing their CMSA-approved status is determined by this re-evaluation.
  7. Taking whatever steps may be considered necessary or appropriate to protect or maintain the standards and the status of the examinations and qualifications of the CMSA.
  8. Evaluating candidates for Fellowships and Fellowships by peer review.

The cmsa Examinations and Credentials team – JOHANNESBURG 

Academic Registrar
Mrs Yolokazi Kanzi

Deputy Academic Registrar
Rivalani Mkansi

Executive Assistant to Academic Registrar
Gugulethu Mkhize

National Examinations Coordinator
Shanelle Visagie

Information Specialist
Ronelle Greyvenstein

Examiners’ Manager
Nombuso Gcumisa

Portfolio and Examiners’ Administrator
Juanita Kuiken-Saungweme

Associate Examiners’ Administrator
Lerissa Bastew

Associate Examiners’ Administrator
Nwabisa Jilana

Associate Examiners’ Administrator
Tazlyn Freeks

Credentials Manager

Hlulani Mahundla

Associate Administrator
Ayanda Jilana

Associate Administrator
Felicia Masilela

Tebogo Lesobea

Associate Administrator
Lerato Maponyane

Associate Administrator
Nomthandazo Thabethe

General Assistant
Margaret Ketshebang

General Assistant
Rebeccah Ketshebang

John Mushembele

Malifane Makau

Candidates’ Manager
Shauné Harris

Candidates’ Administrator
Edith Lepere

Exams Office Administrator
Afrika Matshayana

Associate Candidates’ Administrator
Abelinah Shitlhane

Associate Candidates’ Administrator
Dorothy Ndaba

Examinations’ Database Administrator
Claudia Wilson

Associate Database Administrator
Nwabisa Kalimashe

Associate Database Administrator
Kedibone Koana

Associate Database Administrator
Eugenia Mthimunya