Online Written Examinations


The Senior Invigilator will welcome you and seat you in the examination hall by calling your discipline and placing you in a specific row number

  • You will need your CMSA candidate card identity card or passport
  • A Black Pen, Pencil, Eraser
  • A Basic Calculator (on request of your specific college)
  • No Mobile or Electronic Equipment will be allowed into the examination hall
  • No Smart Watches (whereby you receive emails) will be allowed into the examination hall
  • There will be a clock in the examination hall whereby all candidates will be able to see for time keeping purpose
  • Bathroom facilities will be available on site

Each candidate will sit at their own desk and have the following electronic equipment in front of them

  • A Laptop
  • Computer Screen
  • Keyboard and Mouse

The Invigilator will take you through a step by step tutorial on how to move the mouse between the computer screen and the laptop

  • The Invigilator will demonstrate to you and request that you type your candidate number into the space on the laptop
  • On your desk will be a unique password code that you will be requested to type in under your candidate number
  • There will be a list of rules and regulation conditions that you will need to read and once you agree to them –
  •  You will be requested to tick the Yes box
  • You will be requested to push the Enter button
  • You will then Begin your Online Examination

During the examination

  • Invigilators will continuously walk through all the candidates and assist with any queries that may arise.
  • The candidate will have the control to move the mouse to the Computer Screen and back to the laptop throughout the entire duration of the examination
  • Once the actual examination time has come to an end, the Senior Invigilator will call time and allow any extra time for typing to continue
  • The Senior Invigilator will then call a 5 minute to end time as well as a final call to all candidates to go through their entire documents before entering their candidate number at the end of the page and pressing the submit button
  • Once all candidates have submitted their Online Document a green tick stating received will be visible on their screen in front of them
  • Candidates will all be requested to complete an anonymous 4minute Online survey before leaving the examination room
  • Once this has been completed, all candidates may leave the examination room