Insignia for sale to members

pricelist 1 June 2023 ‐ 31 May 2024

 FeeVat 15%Total
Polyester material: Crest in colour as single under‐knot design in navyR139.13R20.87R160
Polyester material: Rows of shields separated by silver‐grey stripes in navy or maroonR147.83R22.17R170
Polyester material: WildlifeR113.04R16.96R130
Silk material: Fellow's Tie in navy, in design 1.1.2R408.70R61.30R470
Satin material: Golden Jubilee Wildlife Tie in navyR191.30R28.70R220

 FeeVat 15%Total
The Big 5 (small animals) attractive design on soft navy fabricR260.87R39.13R300

 FeeVat 15%Total
Blazer badges in black or navy, with crest embroidered in colour.R113.04R16.96R130

 FeeVat 15%Total
Sterling silver crested (enquire about price)   
Baked enamel with crest in colour on cream, gold or navy

FeeVat 15%Total
Crest in colour, baked enamel on cream, gold or navy backgroundR26.09R3.91R30

 FeeVat 15%Total
Crest in colour, baked enamel on cream, gold or navy backgroundR43.48R6.52R50

Paper‐weights (enquire about prices)

Paper‐knives (enquire about prices): Silver plated, with gold‐plated crest

FeeVat 15%Total
Crest in colour, on imbuiaR852.17R127.83R980

 FeeVat 15%Total
Purse in leather, with wildlife material inlayR339.13R50.87R390

 FeeVat 15%Total
History of the CMSA written by Dr Ian HuskissonR147.83R22.17R170

 FeeVat 15%Total
Maroon tieR173.91R26.09R200
Maroon/Navy stripe tieR173.91R26.09R200
Pen SetR147.83R22.17R170
Maroon ladies' scarf in soft fabricR286.96R43.04R330


 FeeVat 15%Total
Replacement CertificateR286.96R43.04R330

 FeeVat 15%Total
Verification of CredentialsR191.30R28.70R220

Price on request

R50 per item to be included with order to cover local postage