The College of Plastic Surgeons: C PLAST (CMSA)

Prof Mahendra Daya
Prof Chrysis Sofianos
Prof Nkhensani Chauke-Malinga


Guidelines for Presidents and Secretaries of Constituent Colleges


BLAKE, Nikita
MOODIE, Benjamin
PHIRI, Sibusiso
SKOLL, Paul Jason

Prof Mahendra Daya


Mahendra Daya is a principal specialist and Associate Professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.He has authored over 30 articles on several aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery and has many clinical research interests, one of which is mechanotherapy with paper tape to achieve tissue expansion, scar modulation and wound healing.He serves on the editorial board for the Plastic Surgery journal and also performs peer review work for several journals. Prof Daya has a wide range of surgical experience in various clinical aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery and other allied surgical disciplines. The reconstructive work is associated with most anatomical areas of the body, with particular attention to the head and neck, breast, limb and trunk regions. He has focused a significant portion of his attention on soft tissue sarcomas from both an oncological and reconstructive point of view.Prof Daya commits energy to explore new surgical areas and indulges in the challenge of managing complex surgical cases irrespective of the nature of the disease