The College of Emergency Medicine: CEM (CMSA)
In March 2003, the recognition of Emergency Medicine as a distinct specialty in South Africa by the Health Professions Council was a significant milestone, leading to the founding of the College of Emergency Medicine of South Africa (CEMSA) in 2004. A fundamental aspect of CEMSA’s mission is to uphold the highest standards in emergency medicine by establishing rigorous training and examination criteria for qualifications such as the Diploma in Primary Emergency Care and the Fellowship in Emergency Medicine. These exams are renowned for their integrity and stringent standards, mirroring the latest in educational and emergency medicine developments. Furthermore, CEMSA places a strong emphasis on the importance of sound assessment methods to ensure patient safety, underlining its dedication to excellence and the well-being of patients in emergency medical situations.
Dr Sa’ad Lahri
Dr David Lionel Fredericks
Dr David Lionel Fredericks


Guidelines for Presidents and Secretaries of Constituent Colleges


CLOETE, Phillip Gert
KROPMAN, Annemarie Jeanine
MOODLEY, Pravani

Dr Sa’ad Lahri


Dr Lahri’s journey began in 2014 when he joined the College of Emergency Medicine as a council member. Since then, he has actively participated in various capacities, including examiner, convenor, and moderator for the Dip PEC (SA), FCEM part 1, and FCEM II.

His commitment to upholding fairness and high standards is evident in his work, which constantly evolves to incorporate the latest educational and assessment practices in the field of emergency medicine. He played a key role in the transition to Single Best Answer MCQ’s and the online structured performance assessments during the Covid-19 period. 

In addition to his role at the College of Emergency Medicine, Dr Lahri is an active member of the education committee of the CMSA. He also plays a vital role in the Emergency Medicine Living Curriculum Working Group, a dedicated team focused on updating the curriculum to reflect contemporary best practices and developments in the field of emergency medicine.

Sa’ad held the role of Clinical Lead at Khayelitsha Hospital’s Emergency Centre, which stands as one of the busiest emergency centres in the province. This experience provided him with invaluable insights into handling complex cases and managing a high-pressure environment. Currently, he serves as the Clinical Lead of Medical Emergencies at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, where his expertise and leadership continue to positively impact patient care.

Dr Lahri is dedicated to maintaining high standards for the betterment of the communities we serve.