The College of Medical Geneticists: CMG (CMSA)
Prof Karen Jayne Fieggen
Prof Anneline Lochan
Prof Amanda Krause


Guidelines for Presidents and Secretaries of Constituent Colleges


BAILLY, Claude Didier
DILLON, Bronwyn
LOCHAN, Anneline
SPENCER, Careni Elizabeth
URBAN, Michael Francis

Prof Karen Jayne Fieggen


A/Prof Fieggen trained as a Paediatrician at Red Cross WM Children’s Hospital with senior registrar time in cardiology and oncology. She completed the FCPaed in 1994 and practiced general paediatrics for 7 years in both the private and public sector before returning to UCT to subspecialise in Medical Genetics in 2003.

She works with a small but committed team taking care of a large patient service load, mentoring, teaching and supervising both undergraduates and postgraduates and doing clinically related research. Dr Fieggen received ad hominem promotion to Associate Professor at UCT in 2018 and has been a councillor and regular examiner, convenor and moderator for the FCMG for more than a decade.

She is the current College of Medical Geneticists president and a past Chair of the Southern African Society for Human Genetics. She is passionate about clinical care for those affected by genetic disorders in South Africa and about training the next generation to feel the same.