The College of Radiologists: CR (CMSA)

Prof Jacques Janse van Rensburg
Prof Linda Tebogo Hlabangana
Prof Victor Mngomezulu


Guidelines for Presidents and Secretaries of Constituent Colleges


ACKERMANN, Christelle
AHMED, Nazir
DAVIS, Razaan
LOCKHAT, Zarina Ismail
SULEMAN, Farhana Ebrahim
VAN DER WALT, Elizabeth

Prof Jacques Janse van Rensburg


Professor Jacques Janse van Rensburg earned his MBChB degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 1991, followed by an MMed in Diagnostic Radiology in 2005. He obtained a postgraduate diploma in General Interventional Radiology at the University of the Free State in 2006 and completed a PhD in Health Professions Education in 2015, focusing on Competency-based Continuous Assessment in Postgraduate Radiology Training. Currently serving as Chief Specialist (Radiologist) and Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Imaging Sciences at the University of the Free State, he assumed the role of Head of the Clinical Department of Diagnostic Radiology: Clinical Imaging Science in 2020. Beyond his administrative duties, Prof Janse van Rensburg actively contributes to undergraduate and postgraduate medical education as chair of the MMed/MPhil committee, member of the Phase III (Undergraduate Medical Education) committee and coordinator of the UFS Undergraduate Radiology Education program. Leveraging his knowledge and interest in postgraduate assessment, he is an important proponent in shaping Workplace-Based Assessment (WBA) practices within the School of Clinical Medicine through the SACOMD National WBA Steering Committee, representing the University of the Free State.

Outside the university, he is an associate member of the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa and has a longstanding involvement with the Council of the College of Radiologists of the CMSA. His contributions extend to the Examining Board of the College of Radiologists, where he serves as an examiner and co-convenor of the FCRad (Diag)SA Part II exit examination. Additionally, as a member of the RSSA HOD/HCU committee, he plays a key role in integrating the interests of the RSSA, CMSA, and universities in Postgraduate Radiology training in South Africa.