Diploma in Geriatric Medicine of the College of Physicians of South Africa: DGM(SA)

A completed portfolio and logbook (obtainable from the CMSA) is required to substantiate credit points claimed, to the full value of 1000 points

•    Completion of a course covering the basic Geriatric Diploma curriculum (appendix A).
•    Portfolio or case studies
•    Practical course in comprehensive Geriatric Assessment with certified  competency
•    Accumulated 1000 credit points in the log book comprising the following 3 categories:

Supervised training (Earns fu/11000 points)
Unsupervised experience (Earns a maximum of 600 points)
Theoretical education/training (Earns 400 points to complement unsupervised experience)

Diploma in Geriatric Medicine of the College of Physicians of South Africa - R 13400 

Exit Examination: The examination will consist of two papers, three hours each, one with multiple choice questions/OSCE and one with short essay-type questions and clinical vignettes.

Release of FCFP(SA) Final Part A results

Please note that the results for the FCFP(SA) Final Part A examination will be released on the published date as per candidates’ letter of acceptance into the examination.  If they are available earlier, the CFP will endeavour to inform candidates earlier of the provisional results.

Scheduled Dates & Locations

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Examination regulations

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PLEASE NOTE that candidates that wish to lodge an appeal against the outcome of his/her written examination results must do so in accordance with the provisions of the CMSA’s Appeals Mechanism Policy. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) are not made available to candidates for review in accordance with the CMSA’s Appeals Mechanism Policy.