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Life Healthcare Scholarships for Subspecialty Training

Posted: 2012-08-22 20:02

Urgent announcement, closing date 31 August 2012.

  • Life Healthcare has made funding available for subspecialist training in South Africa. They have agreed on a 6 year programme of support. Preference will be given to subspecialist trainees in accredited units which do not have funded posts. The only disciplines which are excluded are those within Pathology and Radiology.
  • The grant will be for two years of training, applicants are expected to stay within the public sector after this, if at all possible, and must commit to developing their career in South Africa. Should they have to leave the public sector because of the non-availability of posts, they will be expected to approach Life Healthcare in the first instance when establishing themselves in the private sector. These conditions will be included in the contract they complete. Life Healthcare has the vision of retaining the subspecialists within the public system and obviously this requires input from the National and Provincial Departments of Health and a commitment to appoint these subspecialists within the State sector. The funding agreement will be between Life Healthcare and the relevant University which will administer the conditions of service, including remuneration.
  • Application for these grants involves the following process:
    • The applicant needs to provide a detailed curriculum vitae, a personal letter of motivation (about 2 to 3 A4 pages) and the names and contact details of at least three referees who can speak to their specialist training and may be involved in their subspecialist training.
    • Applicants for subspecialist training have to have completed their specialist training and obtained the appropriate qualification. Alternatively applicants may anticipate their success in their specialist examinations and apply for funding just prior to completion of their specialist training.
    • Applicants may be from Universities which do not have subspecialist training units. In these circumstances there has to be an agreement between the Department in which they are currently working and the Department in which they will receive subspecialist training. This has to be emphasised in the application and there has to be a letter of agreement between the applicant’s current Head of Department and the Head of Department in the subspeciality unit in which the applicant wishes to train. It is hoped that this will build capacity in Departments which do not presently have subspecialist expertise but appropriate motivation by both Departments is essential.
    • It is the responsibility of Heads of Departments or subspeciality units to determine which applicants are most suitable for the training. The CMSA will not consider multiple applications from the same unit unless the necessary training numbers are available within that unit. It would be most helpful if in these circumstances the Head of the Unit/Department would prioritize applications.
    • Any applicant for a subspecialist training scholarship has to give evidence from the Head of the Unit that appropriate facilities are available in the unit in which they wish to train. The Head must supply information about available training numbers and the ability to include this applicant in their training programme. This must be a formal document submitted with the application and should include an outline of training numbers and also the number of funded posts within the Department. Failure to supply this documentation will disqualify the application.
  • The funds will be paid directly to the University by Life Healthcare and 6 monthly reports from the training unit have to be returned to the CMSA and Life Healthcare. The failure of presentation of these reports will result in termination of the scholarship.
  • The Selection Committee for the scholarship will draw up a short-list of candidates who will be expected to present themselves for personal interviews.
  • The closing date for applications is 31 August 2012 and these should be sent to:

    Mrs Bernise Bothma: attention Professor ZM van der Spuy,
    The Colleges of Medicine of Sout h Africa,
    17 Milner Road, Rondebosch.

Checklist: Application for Life Healthcare Scholarships for Subspecialty Training
  1. Detailed curriculum vitae of candidate and contact details of three referees.
  2. Letter of motivation by candidate and contact details of three referees. Not to exceed 2-3 A4 pages.
  3. Letter of motivation from Head of training unit which must include number of training numbers for the subspeciality and number of funded subspecialty training posts. This should include the need for the subspeciality within healthcare in South Africa.
  4. If there is an agreement between training institutions this must be outlined in the application and should include details of how the applicant will be accommodated in his/her own institution at conclusion of training.
  5. Ideally evidence of the ability to employ the applicant after training should be presented.
Incomplete applications will not be considered by the Selection Committee.
All the requested information must be supplied on submission of the application.

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