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CMSA Mthatha Admission Ceremony 12 April 2023

Posted: 2023-04-11 13:07

132 new medical specialists from the Eastern Cape admitted to the CMSA.

The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) will proudly admit 46 new members to its ranks during the Mthatha Admission Ceremony hosted at the Walter Sisulu University on Wednesday, 12 April 2023.

"It is an honour to co-host with Walter Sisulu University” said Professor Eric Buch, Chief Executive Officer of the CMSA. “At this ceremony, we not only celebrate the wonderful achievements of our candidates who are now medical specialists, but we also showcase medicine in the Eastern Cape.”

The 46 candidates represent 132 from the Eastern Cape who obtained CMSA Fellowships, Certificates and Diplomas in 2022: 41 medical specialists, 5 sub-specialists and 86 diplomates of which 60 training at the Walter Sisulu University. Among the new CMSA members admitted at the Mthatha Admission Ceremony are 20 medical specialists and 3 sub specialists, including a Nephrologist, Cardiologist, a surgeon, 4 paediatricians and 23 Diplomates. “Diplomates are medical doctors who want to improve their practice capability by completing one of our Diploma examinations, such as the Diploma in Anaesthetics or in Child Health,” explained Prof Buch. “This is especially important for doctors working in rural hospitals where the qualifications enable them to improve the standard and quality of care offered to our most disadvantaged people.”

The Mthatha Admission Ceremony is the second of five ceremonies hosted by the CMSA across the country annually. These Admission Ceremonies serve to honour the 1862 medical professionals who successfully passed CMSA examinations in 2022 and to admit them as CMSA members.

The event will be live-streamed and links to view will be made available.

Inaugural CMSA Mthatha Admission Ceremony – 31 March 2022


Further information:

Fellows are candidates who become specialists in one of the 35 specialties in medicine, such as surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, anaesthetics and paediatrics. You cannot become a specialist in South Africa without passing the CMSA fellowship examination. To enter this national exit examination, you must have completed 4 – 5 years of supervised training in an academic hospital, like Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital. The supervised training includes completing procedures and rotations that cover different subjects. The CMSA is the accredited national examining body for the HPCSA. Examiners are drawn from all medical schools in South Africa.

Sub-specialists are medical specialists who do a further two years training in a specific sub-specialty in their discipline – e.g., Cert Cardiology (SA) and Cert Nephrology(SA). Therefore, to become a sub specialist you must have been at university for a minimum of 12 years – 6 years as an undergraduate to become a medical doctor, at least four more years to become a specialist and a further two years to become a sub-specialist.

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