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The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) was founded and financed in 1954 by members of the medical profession and was registered as a non-profit making company in 1955. The CMSA is dedicated “To promote the highest degree of skill and efficiency in medical and dental practice and to cultivate the highest ethical standards and professional conduct … not for pecuniary profit, but for the betterment of humanity”. To this end we continuously strive to improve on our support of, and increase our investment in, the structure and function of health care services and our medical professionals.

With the key function of acting as national examining body for medical professions in South Africa, the CMSA is unique in the world in that it embraces 28 constituent Colleges, representing all the disciplines of medicine and dentistry. Because the CMSA has the unique structure of containing all medical and dental specialities within a single framework, it has the potential to foster aspects of medical education and medical professionalism which are common to all disciplines.

CMSA Statement on Equitable Vaccine Access

The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) is an institution of approximately 10 000 medical and dental specialists whose purpose is to promote the highest degree of skill, efficiency, ethical standards and professional conduct for the benefit of humanity and to promote the honour of the medical and dental profession.

Transactions, Journal of the CMSA

Transactions, the journal of the CMSA, is published biannually.

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Examination Quick Information

  • Candidates’ Orientation Webinar

  • Examination applications are currently closed.

  • The website is now closed. The next application semester has not yet been defined in the system. Please contact the CMSA for details.

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Recording of Examination Orals
2016/11/02 05:51:01 PM
Written Component Carry Over - Fellowships
2016/11/02 05:51:33 PM
Written Component Carry Over - Subspecialty
2017/11/02 11:14:27 AM
Written Component Carry Over - Diplomas
2019/11/14 06:53:46 AM
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2021/06/21 03:42:09 PM

Latest Results:

SS2021 examinations update
2021/07/14 11:17:30 AM
SS2021 Written Examinations and Modified Level 4 Lockdown
2021/06/28 10:54:37 AM
2021 FS Diploma Final Results List
2021/07/16 02:07:01 PM
2021 FS Part II and Certificate Final Results List
2021/07/16 02:07:46 PM
2021 FS Intermediate Final Results List
2021/06/07 12:51:44 PM
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2021/05/17 08:47:58 AM
Result Release Policy
2020/07/13 12:29:49 PM

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Posted: 2021/06/21 03:49:49 PM

Taking into consideration the 3rd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CMSA has expanded its venues for the written examinations. The CMSA will therefore be hosting the second semester 2021 written examinations taking place from 05 July 2021 to 12 August 2021 at the following venues:

Taking Care of Yourself in Preparing for the CMSA Examinations – Webinar Recording

Posted: 2021/06/04 11:46:00 AM

Dr Peter Milligan, Chief Psychiatrist at Ngwelezana Hospital, has an interest in health worker stress and burnout, and strategies to prevent this particularly when working in difficult systems. On 10 June 2021 he presented a webinar for all interested candidates

3rd Candidates Orientation Webinar

Posted: 2021/05/28 10:05:11 AM

The President of the CMSA, Dr Flavia Senkubuge, will be hosting a Candidates Orientation Webinar on the CMSA 2nd Semester Examination on 7 June 2021 at 16h30. Presentations will be followed by a Q&A session.
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